Art@Hospital International is a private initiative that works with artists from all walks of life who with great commitment donate artworks specially painted for hospitals. Our mission is to bring colour, joy and hope, especially in uncertain times.

The idea of Art@Hospital was conceived after a family tragedy, and in the last 7 years they have donated more than 20,000 art works to more than 20 hospitals, both public and private. The artworks are a gift to the hospitals, this initiative does not need any money, just time and talent: all art is freely donated to this cause.

Patients, their families, doctors and all health workers are delighted by the positive change in hospitals. Endless sad white walls in corridors, waiting rooms and patient rooms are transformed into colorful good energy bearers. The responce is overwhelmingly positive.


The artists’ generosity and solidarity motivate Art@Hospital to keep growing. And, in 2016, Art@Hospital bonded with The White Feather Foundation, founded by Julian Lennon. Julian loved the idea, and together they inspire international artists to donate their art. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Art@Hospital now aims to expand its initiative in Rome and to continue all over Europe.

Ondableu Artspace honors the artists who have donated so freely by actually offering them to also sell their art in beautiful premises. Each piece sold , inspires the artist to create another piece for donation in a hospital. 

You help while you buy !

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