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Gisella du Mée


Julian Lennon



born in Genoa (from Argentine and Greek origins) and currently residing in Rome.

Mons is a SOUND performer, DJ and remixer who has been working for years in the research of the interaction between electronic music and communication through the spoken word. He is also conductor and creator of radio programmes and soundtracks for TV, artistic animator and graphic designer.


Mons, as a Director at Ondableu Artspace Rome , strongly believes in blending education and beauty as elements of emancipation and progress of the human being.


The creative team is composed of Gisella du Mée, photographer and writer (the inspiration of this collaboration), and Mark Thompson Ashworth, actor and creator of the Mix Delirium broadcast program on Radio Kaos Italy.  


The featured episodes are exclusive Ondabbleu Productions that combines Julian Lennon’s voice reading original texts of Gisella du Mée.


The musical score is specifically designed for each original theme by Mons.

Lyrics are ingeniously translated into an avant-gard soudtrack. 


The weekly episodes can be found in Julian Lennon's webpage